2 – Influencer Marketing 101

Tuesday 07 November
@ Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County - 2nd Floor, Education Classroom
02:30 PM
Case Study

Influencer Marketing isn’t just a buzzword. Individuals with large social followings have become indispensable additions to a communicator’s contact list. We’ll explore ways to ensure your brand stories won’t go unnoticed by the influencers that audiences—and even today’s mainstream media—rely upon for news and content.


Discover Los Angeles (@discoverLA) has been collaborating with influencers for the past two years and has worked with more than 300 individuals that collectively reach more than 400 million people. Their most recent case study will be presented, featuring influencers from Mexico that came to Los Angeles for Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.


In this workshop, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Identify influencers most trusted by your target audience, and what kinds of content they are most likely to amplify
  • Quantify and measure online influence to prove an influencer’s value to key stakeholders
  • Establish long-term, two-way communication that lasts past a single campaign
  • Track your influencer communications over time to evaluate and build upon existing influencer relationships
  • Boost your most compelling content to ensure it’s seen by potential brand evangelists