2 – Antwerpen à la carte

Wednesday 08 November
@ LACMA - Director's Lounge
02:30 PM
Case Study

How the multidisciplinary MAS project team cooperated with shopkeepers, chefs, artists and futurologists to create its permanent exhibition about cities and food.


ANTWERP A LA CARTE is a new permanent exhibition of the MAS. It shows how the city of Antwerp fed a growing population from the sixteenth century onwards and questions how cities will continue to do this in the distant future.

The MAS created the exhibition with a multidisciplinary project team; project leader, curator, educator, community participation manager, communication manager and (external) scenographer.

The MAS engaged external partners: artists, academic advisory board members, focus groups including chefs and futurologists. The MAS is very invested in the strong collaboration it has built with diverse communities, such as the city’s shopkeepers.