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For the last decade, Los Angeles has become the most vibrant destination in Northern America. Los Angeles is the new cultural hub of the US as plenty of thriving art projects emerge around the city. The musical innovation of the 70’s and the vivid film industry of Hollywood set the city’s atmosphere of experimentation and innovation.

As I attended the historic Women’s March in LA on 21 January, the desire for change and unity was clearly a strong national sentiment. More than ever, arts organisations must be the voice of cultural diversity and embrace art to break down the walls which divide us.

International experts from arts organisations will show us how they reach out to society through culture. John Giurini from the J. Paul Getty Museum and Miranda Carroll from LACMA are preparing an amazing itinerary to discover the most innovative art scene of Los Angeles.

Agenda is delighted to collaborate with culture experts Adam Rozan and Lucy Redoglia. 

Join us for an eclectic experience.

Corinne Estrada



THEME: Museums Beyond Walls

’Museums Beyond Walls’: Communicating the Museum Los Angeles issues a powerful clarion call to the museum sector. The conference takes place at a time when many are bent on building walls and policing borders. What can museums do about it? What should we do? Many museums define themselves by the uniqueness of their buildings: from historic palaces to purpose-built architectural statements.

At the same time, museums are channelling more time and funds into diverse actions beyond the limits of these buildings. What then is the social mission of today’s museum? This November, Communicating the Museum takes the pulse of the world.

Across a five-day programme of events, debates, workshops, talks and tours, you will discover the best museum outreach initiatives, the most challenging collaborations, and the most insightful successes (and failures) in the fields of education, communications, and audience engagement.

Professionals from museums large and small, historic and contemporary, will gather from across the world with experts in the worlds of technology, business, media and academia. Together, we will explore some of the most pressing questions facing culture today: why do some people never come to museums? How can we reach new communities? What is our social and political purpose? And what are the limits?





Ann Philbin, Director, Hammer Museum
Michael Govan, CEO and Wallis Annenberg Director, LACMA
Dr. Lori Bettison-Varga, President and Director, NHMLA
Dr. Timothy Potts, The Getty (© Genaro Molina, Los Angeles Times)

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