Communicating the Museum 2016 Berlin
Communicating the Museum 2016 Berlin
12 - 15 July 2016


Our panel of local and international speakers interrogated new approaches to the idea of dialogue, and what it means for museums today.

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New for 2016 is a full day dedicated to sponsorship and fundraising scheduled to take place before the start of the conference. We have gathered a dynamic line-up of internationally renowned speakers in the fundraising, philanthropy and sponsorship sectors in order to help arts organisations not just to survive today’s financial challenges, but to thrive into the future. The Fundraising Day goes from 9am till 6pm.

09.00 am


Speakers : Corinne Estrada Agenda, Fiona Menzies Creative Partnerships Australia

Trends in Fundraising

Think outside the box

Get ready for the museum of the future and its partners! How do you redefine your museum and its mission? How do you involve partners in both programming and exhibition design? A wake-up call for museums and art organisations. Learn more
Speakers : Thomas Girst BMW, Javier Pes The Art Newspaper
Face to Face

See the big picture

Closing the deal

Kim shared her insights into sponsorship from her career in both Australia and the USA – where she has raised more than $100 million for a range of programs, events and causes. Learn more
Speakers : Kim McKay AO Australian Museum

Inside the organisation

Behaviour Economics: how business and charities are engaging supporters and customers

Bernard shared the techniques big charities use to engage large numbers of people who give generously to their causes. Learn more
Speakers : Bernard Ross The Management Centre

Beyond please and thank you: leveraging communications for donor relations

In this talk, delegates leanrt how communications departments can strategically leverage their strengths in support of fundraising and stewardship strategies, while respecting the need for broad audience engagement. Learn more
Speakers : Scott Tennent Hammer Museum

Connecting with your donors

01.45 pm

Marketing and fundraising mechanisms in an environmental NGO

How do you best develop your relationship with your existing donors, as well as attracting new regular donors for the future? Tania shared some of the successful mechanisms as well as her experiences in trying out new ideas. Learn more
Speakers : Tania Roach WWF Germany

Association of friends - engage donors and inspire support

The friends of the Nationalgalerie in Berlin and the ROM Governors offered interesting insights about their successful partnerships with museums and how they create dialogue with their donors. Learn more
Speakers : Denise Dias Royal Ontario Museum Governors, André Odier Friends of the Berlin Nationalgalerie

Speaking to your audience in their language

In this session, Jill explained the different ways to manipulate your constituent data and generate more effective results. Information as simple as an address can have a great impact on the outcome of your fundraising campaign. Learn more
Speakers : Jill Westgard Yale School Of Architecture and Yale School of Art
Case Study

Five Barriers to Successful Fundraising and How to Overcome Them

In this workshop session, Nicole explored some of the challenges facing arts organisations when developing a successful fundraising operation. Learn more
Speakers : Nicole Newman
08.00 pm

Dinner with Friends - optional

Immerse yourself in Berlin's Golden Twenties and enjoy dinner at the emblematic Clärchens Ballhaus restaurant like in the time of Otto Dix. Learn more


Best Practice Training: Branding and Communication

09.00 am


Speakers : Pascale Bousquet Agenda

Press and Digital PR

Making the most of media

Jasmin shared insightful ideas for a successful press campaign. How to attract attention early, to keep the exhibition in the media and to reach different target groups. Learn more
Speakers : Jasmin Mickein Kunsthalle Bremen

A picture is worth a thousand words: the art world’s love affair with Instagram

Rebecca showed us the ‘best practices’ for using Instagram to engage arts audiences. Who is ‘getting it right’ in the art world, as well as in influential corollary fields such as fashion and lifestyle brands? How do museums make an impact on a 24/7 platform despite limited staffing resources? Learn more
Speakers : Rebecca Taylor FITZ & CO

Brand Communication

Brand from the inside out. How to involve the people who deliver the experience

In this brand workshop we turned into ways to work together and connect internally and externally…and as this is a JWA workshop it will be fast paced, interactive and provoke new ideas… Learn more
Speakers : Jo Marsh Winster Marsh


Be inspired by amazing high profile leaders in communication, business and marketing from around the world.

02.00 pm

Welcome & Rules of the game

Speakers : Corinne Estrada Agenda, Mark Goggin Sydney Living Museums, Barbara Wolf Deutsches Historisches Museum

Faster - Higher - Stronger - The future of dialogue in the museum world?

Follow this interesting discussion of renowed art journalists from the UK and Germany, about their perspective regarding the future of museums. Learn more
Speakers : Will Gompertz BBC, Javier Pes The Art Newspaper, Bernhard Schulz Tagesspiegel
Face to Face

One story becomes 250 stories. Do you know who you are talking to? Storytelling through the generations

What’s in a word? How Baby Boomers, Millennials and Generation X relate to storytelling? How to create different stories from one? A presentation and an interactive workshop on words, people and stories. Learn more
Speakers : Cecilia Martin Lava Lab, Naresh Ramchandani Pentagram

Partners are different than vendors. How to build partnerships that over-deliver

This talk addressed the way to create partnerships which lead to mutual value and disproportionate impact in the marketplace. The dos and the don'ts for getting good results. Learn more
Speakers : Gordon Montgomery Antenna International, Britt Nolan Leo Burnett

Embrace the unexpected

We will be asking some of the key questions facing the museum sector today: How to build the dialogue with your partner? How to start the dialogue with a new audience? How to dialogue about a sensitive issue?

Do what really matters: The Bundeswehr (German Armed forces) in dialogue with Generation Why

The German Army shared their challenges, strategies and success stories within a sensitive communication context. Learn more
Speakers : Dirk Feldhaus Federal Ministry of Defence, Jörg Wolf

Ruhrtriennale: inviting everyone to be embraced

A new, inspired and intelligent communication campaign around a cutting-edge festival brings art to everyone in a region that is far removed from the traditional hubs of the artistic world. Learn more
Speakers : Dimitri Jeurissen Base Design, Lukas Crepaz Ruhrtriennale
07.00 pm

Welcome Reception

Join us for a private guided tour and a cocktail at Berlin's most exciting unique creative hub, the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT. Learn more

Communication Strategies

09.00 am

Success Stories from The Broad, L.A. and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

Delegates learnt more about the communications and marketing strategy of The Broad and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, and how they successfully attracted a massive and diverse audience. Learn more
Speakers : Dasha Kotova Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Alex Capriotti The Main Museum

World Café - Finding the answers together

This dynamic working session encourages collaboration and fosters collective intelligence. Learn more

Emotionally engage with your audience

Panama, Bridge of Life: the museum as a hub

Margot Lopez talked about the many challenges she faced when she created a unique experience, one that still manages to engage a child as well as a geologist, with the use of the architectural space as a powerful part of the narrative. Learn more
Speakers : Margot López Biomuseo

Foster dialogue between different cultures

Delegates learnt about the opportunities and challenges of several Berlin museums that trained refugees as museum guides to provide native-language tours for fellow refugees. Learn more
Speakers : Robert Winkler Multaka

Taking risks

Exclusion and inclusion - a case study of relationships in a regional New Zealand museum

Collaborative projects using museum collections, resources and spaces in surprising ways to the benefit of each partner. Learn more
Speakers : Andy Lowe Te Manawa Museums Trust

Activate public participation chains and generate tri-directional dialogue

Once you have made all necessary preperations to optimise the visitor experience, what are the next steps? How do you know what the visitor has actually experienced? Learn more
Speakers : Aingeru Torrontegi Artium Museum

Too late & too little, nevertheless an award winning initiative

The Dutch Museumweek was a great success according to the figures of media coverage – but not for the participating museums. Carla told us what happened and how she plans to improve the campaign for next time. Learn more
Speakers : Carla Keijzer Dutch Museums Association

What does "China Ready" mean for museums?

The workshop will explore addressing the Chinese visitor experience from product development, experience, volunteers & partnerships. Learn more
Speakers : Deanna Varga Mayvin Global

Developing a Hybrid Floor Staff: Extending Brand and Messaging to the Onsite Experience

The Visitor Services Associates (VSAs) act as the face of the museum in all capacities and are an integral part of The Broad’s brand and communications platform. Alex spoke about challenges and opportunities of this new approach. Learn more
Speakers : Alex Capriotti The Main Museum

How to survive in the digital jungle

02.00 pm

Planes, Trains and Search Engines - how an innovative partnership revealed the treasures of a national collection to a worldwide audience

The workshop will focus on the adventure of a mid sized public museum working with an important digital actor, like Google Cultural Institute. It will examine the tools and processes developed allowing a mutually beneficial partnership, and also show how the collaboration raised the museum’s profile in completely unexpected ways. Learn more
Speakers : Audrey Gouimenou Mona Bismarck

What museums can learn from political campaigns

Political campaigns are using digital and data to provide personalised and relevant communications to their audiences, and offering myriad ways of getting involved. Samir talked about how we apply learnings from the campaign trail to organisations of all types to mobilise supporters to visit, become a member or donate. Learn more
Speakers : Samir Patel Blue State Digital

City history, beyond the walls of the museum

How to connect the public to the city and bring its history to life with Open Platforms, such as izi.TRAVEL. Learn more
Speakers : Marijke Oosterbroek Amsterdam Museum, Arjaan Kunst izi.TRAVEL

Smart Culture in Smart Cities

Connecting Culture, Communication and Business in the context of a Smart City. Learn more
Speakers : Jens Bley Living Labs Germany, Michael Merkel Archaeological Museum Hamburg

Make meaningful connections with art

This workshop will focus on key challenges museums are facing in terms of resilience, reach and relevance and offers solutions with Smartify. Learn more
Speakers : Anna Lowe Smartify, Thanos Kokkiniotis Smartify
03.00 pm

Digital turns dialogue into action

It is time for Museums to be responsive organisations, both reacting to and instigating discussion. Samir provided tips and considerations for turning dialogue into action. Learn more
Speakers : Samir Patel Blue State Digital

Power to the people: The changing landscape of digital engagement

Jesse Ringham revealed his digital engagement and social media strategies. He showed us how to build audience growth with trusted dialogue and co-production of content, filling the gap created by costly media advertising. Learn more
Speakers : Jesse Ringham Tate
Case Study
08.00 pm

Concert and Gala Cocktail at the Berlin Cathedral sponsored by the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board

Join us for a exclusive concert of the largest organ in Germany and a Gala Cocktail with a breathtaking view over Berlin in the sunset. Learn more

Building dialogue inside out

What do you think the museum of the future will look like? On Friday morning, we will share our predictions and consult each other’s opinions through brainstorming workshops. If collaboration and exchange is the model of sustainable cultural practices, let us start now.

09.00 am

The Museum of exchange

Chris Dercon shared his vision of the museum of the future and how collaboration and exchange should be the model of sustainable cultural practices Learn more
Speakers : Chris Dercon Tate Modern

A Humanist Museum : Education, art therapy and social engagement, keys of success

This vision is a socially engaged manifesto for a Humanist Museum. In our twenty-first century, culture will be as important for health as sport in the twentieth century. Nathalie from Montreal Museum of Fine Arts shared her experience about her work at a museum that uses its collection to connect with current issues and whose walls dissolve. Learn more
Speakers : Nathalie Bondil Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Befriending your audience

Benefit from our problem solving workshops with designers and consultants. The 4 workshops will take place simultaneously. Delegates are invited to select one of the following workshops.

Observations on dialogues with audiences including impossible tasks and great rewards

This presentation looks at the reality of museum and gallery visitor numbers and how to develop dialogues with audiences in truly effective ways. Learn more
Speakers : Simon McQuiggan Muse

You are here: Exploring the potential of multimedia guides and wayfinding within museums

A workshop exploring beacons, digital wayfinding and multimedia content from the museums and visitors perspective. Learn more
Speakers : Bianca Patkós XPONIA, Panna Kemenes XPONIA

MAKING LASAGNE – Sustainability in museums, a call for dialogue

Designers as the ‘driver’ for sustainability in museums. Learn more
Speakers : Ellen Schindler Kossmann.dejong

How museums demonstrate expertise in the age of Google

What value does a museum or cultural center bring, now that the world is quite literally at our fingertips with the Internet? Learn more
Speakers : Carol Summerfield TeamWorks Media

Dialogue between media and space

The synthesis of modern exhibition techniques, large-scale interactive media and film, facilitated programming and a high degree of visitor participation has created a truly pioneering exhibition format, where objects, visitors and space begin their dialogue. Learn more
Speakers : Marc Tamschick TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE


02.00 pm

Learning Safari

A series of workshops across Berlin. These will take place in some of the city’s most exciting museums and other arts organisations. The aim is to initiate dialogue not only among CTM16 delegates but also between the conference and the city of Berlin itself. Learn more
Case Study

Berlin Wall Memorial: Communicating a history of division today

The Berlin Wall stands for freedom and democracy, tolerance and human rights. In the midst of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall in 2014, we had to ask ourselves; how could we adequately inform different audiences about the Berlin Wall as well as preserve the respect for the victims? How do we sustain the great current interest in contemporary history in the long-run and continue to attract high numbers of visitors. Which approach do we adopt and what role can we play in this context? Learn more
Speakers : Hannah Berger Berlin Wall Memorial

An interactive app for an unconventional art space

The me Collectors Room is a private space, a personal world of experience, which opens itself up to collectors, curators, and anyone with the spirit of adventure who wants to explore the world of art. In September 2015 me Collectors Room Berlin / Olbricht Foundation published its first interactive App with iBeacon technology. The talk focused on the app itself, it´s creational process and potentials as well as it´s implementation into the organisation's communication strategies. Learn more
Speakers : Julia Rust me Collectors Room Berlin / Olbricht Foundation, Carsten Schmitt-Höppner

Deutsche Guggenheim / Deutsche Bank KunstHalle – How do you redefine a museum?

The workshop will introduce the challenges in redefining an existing institution including establishing creative development and communication strategies. Learn more
Speakers : Sara Bernshausen Deutsche Bank KunstHalle

Instagram Strategy of the Berlinische Galerie

Three selected examples of Instagram campaigns that illustrate how the Berlinische Galerie generates a community and to build a long term relationship with the audience. Learn more
Speakers : Ulrike Andres Berlinische Galerie, Marie-Claire Krahulec Berlinische Galerie

How can games shape your experience of history?

The DDR Museum is all about enganging visitors to interact with the exhibits by letting them touch, use, dress, smell, drive, dance, listen, write, discuss, watch, tap and most of all play inside the exhbition. Learn more
Speakers : Michael Geithner DDR Museum
06.00 pm

Farewell Cocktail

Join us for a drink in the modern Foyer of the Deutsches Historisches Museum designed by Ieoh Ming Pei. Learn more
08.00 pm

Farewell Dinner - optional

Have dinner and drinks with your peers in a restaurant located in an independent art centre "Kunsthaus Bethanien" in the hip district « Kreuzberg » Learn more