Communicating the Museum Agenda CTM15
Communicating the Museum 2015 Istanbul
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Dear Friends and Delegates,

It was a great honour to welcome 350 delegates from all over the world in Istanbul’s most prestigious heritage venues during 4 days. This 15th edition of Communicating the Museum was special for the number of attendees, a record high for CTM!

For the first time, the dates of the conference coincided with a contemporary event in the art world, the 14th Istanbul Biennial. CTM15 was quite experimental in its content and format. We experienced a learning Safari to explore the city’s museums, high-tech solutions to better equip world heritage venues, contemporary performances to engage our delegates, visits to see the street art of the city and its temporary exhibitions. My favorite moment was the exclusive visit of Hagia Sophia after opening hours. In the beautiful dimmed light of the evening, what a treat!

The most inspiring aspect of the programme was the mixture of stimulating ideas we had the privilege to witness. We learned from one of New York top designers, a sociologist from London, a high-tech expert from California and many other amazing speakers. One of the best talk was by Jeff Levine, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at the Whitney Museum of American Art, presenting the communications campaign conducted for the Whitney’s opening, The big event of the museum world in 2015.

The art of being contemporary is the art of being experimental and to be entrepreneurial in everything we do. For us, collaborating with museums, artists and designers is key in order to provoke innovation and push us to try new things. Artists keep challenging and providing us with inspirations. This is why they should be at the centre of our communications strategy and were strongly involved in this year’s conference.

Check out the article about CTM15 by Tom Jeffreys published in Apollo Magazine emphasising the link between communication and collaboration as crucial for the future of museums.




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