Communicating the Museum CTM14 Agenda
Communicating the Museum 2014
Sydney 4-8 Nov Melbourne 9-12 Nov

Thank you

Corinne Estrada Agenda

Dear Delegates & Friends,


It has been a year of achievements with so much to be proud of; this year’s conference has broken a number of records including the number of:
– Speakers
– Cities and Venues
– Partners

Not to mention CTM14 is the longest CTM conference ever to take place in it’s 14-year history!

Our wish to come to Australia was very ambitious and challenging. We had two teams – one in Paris and one in Sydney – with one goal: to present the first Communicating The Museum conference in the Southern hemisphere.

We have embraced the Australian optimism, enjoyed its vibrant lifestyle, positive mindset and generous hospitality. We have built a platform for you to discover Australia’s vivid culture, develop long-term and meaningful relationships with Australia and the Asia Pacific. Now we must look ahead and action what we have learnt over the last 8 days: pursue opportunities, collaborate and lead.

Thank you; It was truly fantastic


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