Communicating the Museum Vienna Agenda

We all extremely enjoyed the CTM conference in Vienna; including a great programme about audiences, great venues throughout Vienna and intense networking between delegates. The feedback from delegates was highly positive. Both Georgio Pauen, Chair of the Conference, and our President Damien Whitmore were very inspired and encouraged us with their views and ideas.

I personally learnt a lot about why we should focus more on non visitors, a huge potential for all organisations. This year, it has been a big challenge to organise the conference without sponsors. We took the risk to continue as we received requests to do so from all over the world. Our core audience came to Vienna in addition to new audiences from countries such as Turkey, Singapore and Russia. It is also proof that listening to your audiences pays off, as well as taking risks with them and involving them in your organisation.

Thank you to all delegates for their ongoing support.

Corinne Estrada

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