Many thanks to all of you for coming to Malaga¬†and for taking part in the amazing 9th annual Communicating the Museum conference. We were delighted to welcome you to Andalucia and to Malaga’s great venues.

Thank you also to all of our fantastic hosts, sponsors and partners for their support and for making this event possible. We are indebted to our friends from the Ayuntamiento of Malaga which made our stay so special. They worked really hard to make our visit wonderful and unforgettable.

This year’s format was very much an experiment and I am glad that you all thought it was very productive. The focus groups during the morning sessions worked extremely well. Overall, we felt the conference was a very positive exercise in personal networking and helped us build new partnerships within the community of museum professionals. Our speakers inspired most of you and I am glad that you learnt so much about social media.

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