At a time of global uncertainty and social division, how can the arts play a positive role in our society? How can they challenge their organisation to be more people-centred? How can they encourage empathy and improve well-being?

Bridget Watson Payne declares in her book “How Art Can Make You Happy” that art institutions are for everyone and significant places for happiness. During 3 days, CTA MTL participants will be challenged to rethink their organisation, public engagement models and communication strategies in order to maximize their positive and powerful impact.

This will be developed through 3 key areas: Inclusivity, Empathy and Well-Being


Day 1 @ Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
8 October 2019

  • Registration
  • Guided tour
  • Welcome Speech
  • Keynotes and Round Tables
  • Case Studies and Workshops
  • Welcome Reception in the Hall of Bronzes
  • Exclusive evening tour of « Egyptian Mummies, Exploring Ancient Lives » Exhibition

Day 2 @ Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
9 October 2019

  • Keynotes and Round Tables
  • Case Studies and Workshops
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Lunch & Coffee Breaks
  • Gala Reception

Day 3 @ Learning Safari across the city
10 October 2019

  • Keynotes and Case Studies
  • Guided Tours and Workshops
  • Lunch & Coffee Breaks
  • Farewell Drinks