Communicating the Arts


At a time of global uncertainty and social division, how can the arts play a positive role in our society? How can they challenge their organisation to be more people-centred? How can they encourage empathy and improve well-being?

During 3 days, CTA MTL participants will be challenged to rethink their organisation, public engagement models and communication strategies in order to maximize their positive and powerful impact.



09.30 am


Come pick up your badge and meet fellow delegates. Registration is open from 9.30am to 5pm. Learn more
10.30 am

Visit the Quartier des spectacles

Located in downtown Montreal, the Quartier des spectacles is the city’s cultural heart. Learn more
11.00 am

Visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Discover the MMFA's permanent collection.  Learn more
01.30 pm
01.50 pm

Welcome to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Nathalie Bondil, Director and Chief Curator,  will welcome the participants to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  Learn more
Speakers : Nathalie Bondil Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
02.00 pm

ART AND HEALTH - Innovation and research at the MMFA

Nathalie Bondil will tell us about her Manifesto for a Humanist Museum and will introduce us to invaluable collaborators from the field of public health who study the health benefits of art. Learn more
Speakers : Nathalie Bondil Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Thomas Bastien Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Stephen Legari Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Prof. Rémi Quirion , Dr. Hélène Boyer Association des médecins francophones du Québec, Dr. Olivier Beauchet RUIS McGill Centre of Excellence on Longevity and the Jewish General Hospital, Lucie K. Morisset Urban Heritage
03.50 pm

1. Helping patients communicate and connect

1.1 Creating environment: A decade of Art and Dementia Programming 1.2 STROKESTRA®: Holistic Stroke Rehabilitation through Creative Music-making Learn more
Speakers : Adriane Boag National Gallery of Australia, Lisa Rodio Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Case Study

2. From Pain Relief to Social Connection

2.1 A(n)esthetics and the Analgesic Museum - 2.2  Combining clinical research, training and therapy Learn more
Speakers : Ian Koebner University of California, Davis
Case Study

3. Experiential Programming

3.1 The Museum Will See You Now: Group Therapy at the Frye Art Museum Learn more
Speakers : Ingrid Langston Frye Art Museum
Case Study

4. Supporting Staff Wellbeing

4.1 Changing our future: mental health in the performing arts Learn more
Speakers : Claire Spencer Arts Centre Melbourne
Case Study

5. Building a Healthier Community

5.1 Museums as medicine? Exploring the healing potential of cultural spaces. 5.2 The Art Hive, for participants to meet, discuss, perform and exhibit Learn more
Speakers : Christian Blake Royal Ontario Museum, Stephen Legari Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Case Study
04.50 pm

Creating the Environment of Wellbeing

4 experts from the performing and visual arts will discuss how to create the environment for wellbeing inside and outside the institution.  Learn more
Speakers : Dr Margi Brown Ash , Claire Spencer Arts Centre Melbourne, Ian Koebner University of California, Davis, Christian Blake Royal Ontario Museum
06.00 pm

Welcome Reception in the Hall of Bronzes

Participants will have the opportunity to visit the Temporary Exhibition "EGYPTIAN MUMMIES, EXPLORING ANCIENT LIVES" Learn more


08.30 am

Registration and Welcome Coffee

Come pick up your badge and meet fellow delegates.  Learn more
10.00 am

Making it meaningful - to encourage diversity, start with inclusivity

A panel conversation on the true meaning, challenges and impact of diversity. Learn more
Speakers : Darin Conley-Buchsieb San Francisco Ballet, Heather Whitely Robertson Art Gallery of New South Wales

Case Studies - Engaging diverse communities

5 Case Studies will take place simultaneously

11.30 am
Case Study

2. Embracing a Culture of Accessibility

2.1 Furthering Accessibility: Lessons Learned Through a Curatorial Process 2.2 How the emotional and multi-sensory approach can enrich the experience of all visitors and contribute to the evolution of the institution. Learn more
Speakers : Ruth Starr Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, Aurélia Fleury Tactile Studio
Case Study

3. Empowering the Indigenous Voice

3.1 A place of relevance and belonging Learn more
Speakers : Heather Whitely Robertson Art Gallery of New South Wales
Case Study

4. Arts and play: engaging children, youth and families

4.1 Three Year Olds Are Humans Too! Making a Mobile Tour for Preschoolers  Learn more
Speakers : Alice Dow Walker Antenna International, Megan Smith Smithsonian National Museum of American History
Case Study

5. Building Young Adult Engagement

5.1 Ridding the Beyonce wave, Attracting a new demographic. Learn more
Speakers : Anne-Laure Beatrix Musée du Louvre
Case Study
12.30 pm

Lunch and visit

Enjoy a lovely lunch, network with your peers and explore the MMFA collection Learn more

Case Studies - Tips and tools to increase diversity and inclusion

5 Case Studies will take place simultaneously

02.00 pm

1. Collaborating to Reach New Goals

1.1 Shaping a Corporate Sponsorship to impact well-being: Raising public awareness of how engaging with art delivers healthy outcomes 1.2 FRESHbark: A fresh perspective on collaboration. Learn more
Speakers : Valerie Brown Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Blake Griffiths Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery
Case Study

2. Extending Culture's Reach

2.1 From Awareness to Action: #5WomenArtists Campaign for Gender Equity Learn more
Speakers : Amy Mannarino National Museum of Women in the Arts, Stacy Meeter National Museum of Women in the Arts
Case Study

3. Making the Narrative Inclusive

The Mini-Workshop on Inclusivity in Storytelling will help spark innovative and creative thinking about how to attract and inclusively engage audiences with cultural institutions. Learn more
Speakers : Dustin Growick

4. Diversifying Your Leadership

4.1 Achieving Inclusive Philanthropy in Museums - 4.2 Beyoncé the Arts- Building Authentic and Sustainable DEI Strategies in the Arts Learn more
Speakers : Stefanie Joy Muscat AbbeMuseum, Darin Conley-Buchsieb San Francisco Ballet
Case Study

5. Creating Opportunities for Meaningful Dialogue

5.1 Building Community-Based Decisions to Generate Civic Dialogue Learn more
Speakers : Joe Gfaller Opera Theater of Saint Louis, Helen Anu Australian National Maritime Museum
Case Study
04.15 pm

Grands Prix Ceremony

Highlighting creative excellence in arts communication, design, engagement and development strategies, the Grands Prix offer a unique platform for the best in the business to showcase best practice and create new connections. Learn more


09.00 am


Participants will have the opportunity to take part in practical Art Therapy and Well-Being workshops.  Learn more
Speakers : Maureen McGuigan Lackawanna County Arts and Culture Department, Thomas Bastien Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Case Studies - Building Empathy through Dialogue

4 Case Studies will take place simultaneously

10.15 am

1. Handing Over the Reigns

1.1 Valuing the Voices of Teens Learn more
Speakers : Amee Spondike Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Christina Alderman Rhode Island School of Design Museum
Case Study

2. Fostering Dialogue

2.1 The Museum as a space for ceremony, reflection and dialogue - 2.2 How to foster participation and inclusivity within and beyond a museum’s walls Learn more
Speakers : Louise Waldman Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Angela Cassie Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Mélanie Deveault McCord Stewart Museum
Case Study

3. Cultivating Relationships with Local Communities

3.1 'To Be Changed By Community': The Power of Listening & Building Community-Centered Practices in Museums” - 3.2 Les Jardins Gamelin, a living space for all Learn more
Speakers : Mike Murawski Portland Art Museum, Pascale Daigle Quartier des Spectacles
Case Study
12.00 pm

Lunch and Visit

Enjoy a lovely lunch, network with your peers and explore Concordia University's Faculty of Fine Arts. Learn more
03.00 pm

Measuring Impact

How can we measure the impact of our programming, outreach and education initiatives? How can we demonstrate the value of our work? 3 panelists will share their tips and tools to measure impact.   Learn more
Speakers : Mike Murawski Portland Art Museum
04.00 pm

Finding solutions, solace, community and inspiration

In this speech, Gideon talk about the empathy deficit we are facing today and how the arts, and the National Theatre School in particular, have a responsibility to help equip our world with the tools we need to deal with our most complicated problems. Learn more
Speakers : Gideon Arthurs National Theatre School of Canada (NTS)
04.15 pm

Key takeaways

Join Margi Brown Ash during this performative reenactment of the conference. Turn your takeaways into To Dos and practical conversations. Learn more
Speakers : Dr Margi Brown Ash
05.30 pm

Farewell Drinks

Great conversation over a lovely glass of wine Learn more