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Submissions are now open to present at the 23rd edition of Communicating the Arts in Montreal, 8 -10 October 2019. We are looking for the latest trends and best case studies in communication, education, art therapy and audience engagement.

Submit your idea for a Keynote Speech, Case Study, Interactive Workshop or Panel Discussion.
Please be sure to complete all information and upload the necessary documents.
Applications deadline: 28 February 2019.



At a time of global uncertainty and social division, how can the arts play a positive role in our society? How can they challenge their organisation to be more people-centred? How can they encourage empathy and improve well-being?
During 3 days, CTA MTL participants will be challenged to rethink their organisation, public engagement models and communication strategies in order to maximize their positive and powerful impact.
This will be developed through 3 key areas: Inclusivity, Empathy and Well-Being

  1. Inclusivity
    • How can art institutions become humanist and socially committed organisations?
    • How to truly contribute to your community? How can we aspire for our communities to see themselves as part of our institutions?
    • How to become a site for social action, promoting civic engagement and understanding?
  1. Empathy
    • How can the arts strengthen our capacity for empathy, friendship and social bonds?
    • How can the arts cultivate a more caring society through our institutions and programming?
    • How to become a kind organisation which engages and listens to its staff and visitors?
  1. Well-Being
    • How can art institutions contribute to our individual and collective well-being? How can they play long-term roles in supporting a healthier population?
    • How to establish dedicated ‘safe spaces’ – promoting physical and/or mental health – for visitors and spectators?
    • How to make our collections and programming more accessible to people experiencing heath inequality?



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Important notice

Speakers benefit from a preferred rate on their registration. If you wish to present as a pair or a group, the additional speaker(s) must pay the full registration fees. Speakers from for-profit businesses are required to pay the full fee.

All speakers must cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Presentations may not be used as promotional opportunities for commercial organisations, products or services. Promotional opportunities will be available through sponsorship packages. Contact Clemence Ferry for more information.

All papers and presentations must be in English.