Coming together for co-creation and cooperation

Collaboration and co-creation have become widely appealing concepts for many art institutions – due to their overall ambition to democratize institutional structures, to acknowledge their audience as more than passive recipients and  allow the production of valuable knowledge and experiences.

Join us at Communicating the Arts Copenhagen (17 – 19 June 2019) to discover the big new ideas for establishing successful partnerships in the art world.

You will hear inspiring keynote speakers talk about the different types of partnerships and the opportunities and challenges they present. Expert speakers from the arts, heritage and culture world will share their experience, ideas and inside views.

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09.00 am


Pick up your badge and programme at the SMK. Learn more


10.00 am

Welcome to Communicating the Arts Copenhagen

Mikkel Bogh, Director of the Statens Museum for Kunst, will welcome the participants to Copenhagen Learn more
Speakers : Mikkel Bogh Statens Museum for Kunst, Corinne Estrada Agenda
10.30 am

Partner or Competitor?

Win-win? Really? Can we cooperate without losing our audience to the cooperation partners? Learn more
Speakers : André Kraft Komische Oper Berlin

Artistic Intervention

11.05 am

Think Collaborative

Does your organisation ‘think collaboration’? Can inter-departmental partnerships lead to innovation? Many arts organisations are encouraging collaborations within and between their teams, with some surprising results. We will hear from our experts as they share their ideas and success stories and talk about how your arts institution can encourage meaningful partnerships and embed them in your long-term strategy.

11.15 am

It takes a village: growing a successful brand when everything else is shifting

With references to the impact of collaboration and partnerships, Edinburgh International Festival’s Marketing Director, Tina Walsberger delves into the art of maintaining a successful arts brand and a healthy box office in an environment when everything is constantly shifting. Learn more
Speakers : Tina Walsberger Edinburgh International Festival
11.45 am

Breaking Down the Barriers

Two inspiring speakers will share their experience and ideas how teams across the organization adapted new processes for communications and collaboration to realize innovative projects. Learn more
Speakers : Nikolaj Møller Museum for the United Nations – UN Live, Linda Butler Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (de Young and Legion of Honor Museums)

Building Bridges

Arts organisations need to look beyond the obvious for prospective partners. Could your competitor be your next collaborator? Who should you partner with to achieve your goals, and how can you ensure those collaborations benefit all involved? We talk about building meaningful partnerships with your city, stakeholders and other cultural institutions.

01.25 pm

Creativity and diversity within cultural institutions: can partnerships help?

Join Kasper Holten and Mikkel Bogh as they discuss the perks and pitfalls of working together Learn more
Speakers : Mikkel Bogh Statens Museum for Kunst, Kasper Holten Royal Danish Theatre
02.00 pm

Transforming Designmuseum Danmark

They will share some of the big ideas behind the process of turning the museum “inside out”, so to speak, and talk about how this collaboration has been a lever for the museum’s strategy to reach visitors in a more immediate and aesthetical way and expand the museum experience. Learn more
Speakers : Anne-Louise Sommer Designmuseum Denmark, Dan Stubbergaard COBE

Case Studies

03.00 pm

1.1 The ABC of Creative Collaborations

Creative collaborations are becoming increasingly relevant to attracting and engaging wider and more engaged audiences. In turn, this contributes to continued support for, and investment in arts organisations. Learn more
Speakers : Linda Bretherton Art Gallery of New South Wales
Case Study

1.2 Cooperative Philanthropy

How to change exchanges between entrepreneurs and a museum into an opportunity for them to involve genuinely. Learn more
Speakers : Etienne Bonnet-Candé Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille , Anne-Françoise Lemaître Palais de Beaux Arts de Lille
Case Study

2.1 Bringing Culture to the Streets of New York City

Sheryl will share the Partnership Strategy of the Museum of the City of New York with the City of New York's DoITT, and LinkNYC and the added values for both sides. Learn more
Speakers : Sheryl Victor Levy Museum of the City of New York
Case Study

2.2 “Old things”, new audiences, local artists, bicycles – and winning the America’s Cup

Chris will talk about how MOTAT uses partnerships and co-creation to drive new levels of audience engagement and city partnership. Learn more
Speakers : Chris Atkinson MOTAT
Case Study

3.1 Creating a Cultural Connection: Maximizing Tourism Partnerships to Increase Visitors

When a cultural organisations engages with its public then it is fulfilling its highest goal. Partnerships play a key role in providing this engagement. Learn more
Speakers : Rosemarie Reyes Le Bridge, LLC
Case Study

3.2 Contagious Cities – a case study in international cultural co-production

Contagious Cities is an experiment in collaboration and partnership, Danielle and Abbie are looking forward to sharing what they have learnt along the way. Learn more
Speakers : Danielle Olsen Wellcome Trust, Abbie Doran Wellcome Trust
Case Study

4.1 The Benefit of Partnerships

Matthew will demonstrate 4 examples of how partnerships have benefitted the funders as well as the arts organisations and the communities they serve. Learn more
Speakers : Matthew Morse Creative Partnerships Australia
Case Study

4.2 Weaving together an exhibition - Contemporary Muslim Fashions breaks through at the de Young museum

The case study will lay out the unprecedented internal and external collaborative efforts undertaken to organize and promote Contemporary Muslim Fashions, the first exhibition to explore the nature of Muslim dress worldwide. Learn more
Speakers : Linda Butler Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (de Young and Legion of Honor Museums), Helena Nordstrom Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Case Study

5. Challenging and channelling competition through collaboration

Discuss world leading examples of cross-genre and co-located arts and cultural initiatives from the USA and Sweden where museums, visitor attractions, opera, ballet and orchestra’s share a vast number of audiences and donors. Learn more
Speakers : David Pearce Tessitura Network, Alison Copus Wales Millennium Centre
Case Study
04.30 pm

Mental revolution

In his talk Erlend shares his thoughts on how museums and performing arts organisations can help us change the world – if we put in the effort to approach it in a clever way. Learn more
Speakers : Erlend Høyersten ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
07.00 pm

Welcome Reception

Enjoy a drink and bite to eat with fellow delegates at the Thorwaldsens Museum. Learn more

Bus Departure to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

08.30 am


09.30 am

Welcome to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Thomas Bendix, Head of Communications of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and Corinne Estrada will welcome the participants to another day full of inspiring interventions. Learn more
Speakers : Corinne Estrada Agenda, Thomas Bendix Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Artistic Intervention

09.45 am

Incite your Audience

Audiences are accustomed to interaction and conversation with their arts organisations, both virtual and on-site. But how do you encourage your visitors to co-create with your organisation? What about with each other? And what’s the best way to develop relevant and experiential programmes for audiences?

09.55 am

Audience Engagement in the Experience Economy

Niels will discuss the implications for both artistic practice and cultural policy in how we communicate with and engage audiences. The keynote will talk about the latest trends in audience engagement by using case studies and project examples from a range of international contexts. Learn more
Speakers : Niels Righolt CKI - Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture

Turing a PR Fiasco into Institutional Openness!

This talk starts with the communication strategy to build expectation for the reopening of the museum and then highlights how a fiasco right in the middle of the museum’s overall success led to audience engagement and co-creation. Learn more
Speakers : Anna Jansson Nationalmuseum of Sweden
10.30 am

Perks and pitfalls of Co-creation

A panel of experts from Performing and Visual Arts, each with a unique perspective - will discuss opportunities and limits of co-creation. Learn more
Speakers : Erlend Høyersten ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Gry Worre Hallberg Sisters Academy, Jo Marsh Winster Marsh, Sue Donnelly Belvoir St Theatre

Case Studies

12.45 pm

1.1 Engaging audiences on a monumental scale

Claire will talk about how working in partnership was the only way to deliver these events and how the marketing engaged audiences with history on a monumental scale. Learn more
Speakers : Claire Eva 14-18 NOW
Case Study

1.2 United Australia – lest we forget the First World War

This presentation will demonstrate the many ways of partnership in which the Memorial’s expert staff came together to honour those who gave their lives in service and defence of freedom and liberty. Learn more
Speakers : Greg Kimball Australian War Memorial
Case Study

2.1 There is a seat for everyone

Person to person: bringing the community into the theatre and taking theatre to the community. Learn more
Speakers : Cláudia Belchior Teatro Nacional D. Maria II
Case Study

2.2 Taking Risks

This presentation outlines the unprecedented coalition of partners involved in realising this project at an extremely risky time for the Company. Learn more
Speakers : Sue Donnelly Belvoir St Theatre
Case Study

3. Creating the World Museum of Vienna – It’s about people

Tim and Steven will talk about very specific collaborations at the World Museum Vienna, both internal (architects and exhibit designers, designers and curators) and external partnerships including museum and co-curators, source communities, artists, funders, lenders, etc. Learn more
Speakers : Tim Ventimiglia Ralph Appelbaum Associates Berlin, Dr. Steven Engelsman World Museum of Vienna
Case Study

4.1 Strange bedfellows

How an unlikely (but passionate) match between Viennas finest art museum and a group of treasure hunters became a PR sensation and raised audience awareness and engagement. Learn more
Speakers : Christian Irgens Mystery Makers, Katharina Auinger-Sutterlüty Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien -Museumsverband
Case Study

4.2 Vincent on Friday. The perfect formula to stay relevant for the young audience?

Roos will share the best practices, but also some failures. She will offer insight into whether the Vincent on Friday methodology is indeed a perfect formula to help museums to stay relevant for young audiences. Learn more
Speakers : Roos Wijnen Van Gogh Museum
Case Study

Pioneer collaborations - New Technologies

Technologies are connecting us in new and exciting ways. So how can you use new technologies to converse, collaborate and connect with artists, audiences and the broader community, both off- and online? We hear from communicators, designers, and technologists about tech, tools and innovation.

02.25 pm

Audiences of the Future

Arts communication professionals from the UK and Croatia will present innovative collaboration projects re-imagining the audience experience at museums, theatres, festivals and operas. Learn more
Speakers : Kristijana Ferderbar Bucan Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, Croatia, Alex Burch The Natural History Museum, Dani Parr Almeida Theatre

Case Studies

03.30 pm

1.1 Extraordinary Wagner experience in the Hungarian capital

How collaboration enabled MÜPA to create a truly modern 21st-century brand image with the aid of digital technology. Learn more
Speakers : Dr. Gábor Egri Müpa Budapest, Dóra Juhász Müpa Budapest
Case Study

1.2 Seeking progressive change through partnerships

How Colston Hall is working collaboratively to respond to changing opinions and pressure on the divisive issue of its name change. Learn more
Speakers : Sarah Robertson Colston Hall, Jo Taylor Morris Hargreaves Mcintyre
Case Study

2.1 New Technologies New Partners

The visitor experience is no longer limited to a single medium, but understood in the context of a holistic overall experience. Therefore, the MAK encourages the using and experimenting with new technologies Learn more
Speakers : Olivia Harrer MAK - Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna

2.2 Museums as platforms for partnerships

At SMK, we have worked with different types of partnership models over the last couple of years, and have come up with a strategy that both helps us to focus our resources AND be good partners at the same time. Learn more
Speakers : Merete Sanderhoff National Gallery of Denmark, Christina Jozefa Jensen National Gallery of Denmark

3.1 From Broadcast, to Digital, to Digital Broadcasting: Inside 21 Years of Video Storytelling

Art21 has experienced first hand the opportunities and challenges presented by the changing media landscape. Learn how key partnerships helped Art21 grow and evolve over the course of its 21-year history. Learn more
Speakers : Jonathan Munar Art21
Case Study

4.2 The Gateway Arch Park Foundation: Building Community Support for a Public-Private Partnership

This presentation will focus on the opportunities for community dialogue and inclusion in Public-Private cultural schemes, highlighting working practices and lessons learnt. It will include information about the various groups that were engaged with the community dialogue process and who advised funding and design partners throughout the scheme’s development. Learn more
Speakers : Bill Haley Haley Sharpe Design
Case Study

3.2 Louisiana Channel: Supplying culture to the world

The Louisiana Channel supplies culture to the world through weekly curated videos. Using today’s digital technology, the Louisiana Channel is seen as a new media provider – part TV station, part newspaper. Learn more
Speakers : Peder Wuth Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Case Study

4.1 #MyMuseum – A Participatory Project for the opening of the State Gallery of Lower Austria

The State Gallery of Lower Austria will open as a spectacular new museum building in May 2019. To establish a forum of dialog with their audience, they opened up to the diverse communities around them with the participatory project #MyMuseum. Learn more
Speakers : Isabell Fiedler Kunstmeile Krems
Case Study
04.45 pm

Grands Prix Awards Ceremony

Maddi Newling, project manager of the Grand Prix, will present the winners of the 2019 edition of the awards. Learn more
Speakers : Clémence Ferry Communicating the Arts, Maddi Newling Communicating the Arts, Culture Business, Grands Prix
05.15 pm

Partnering While Pioneering: How to Forge Strong Relationships on the Frontiers of Exhibit Design

Jake Barton, founder of Local Projects, will explain how his award-winning design firm is crafting new approaches to exhibit design, while building close partnerships with institutions like the Legacy Museum in Alabama, the Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney, Australia, and the London Mithraeum for Bloomberg. Learn more
Speakers : Jake Barton Local Projects
07.00 pm

Evening Reception at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Enjoy the CTA CPH Evening Reception at the stunning Louisina Museum of Modern Art Learn more
09.00 am


Meet your peers for an exclusive breakfast and visit at the Danish Design Museum before opening hours. Learn more
10.00 am

Welcome to the Designmuseum Danmark

Anne-Louise Summer will welcome the CTA delegates to the Danish Design Museum. Learn more

Amos Rex – the new art museum in Helsinki

AMOS REXs first exhibition, an immersive and interactive experience invited the museum audience in to interact with, and to create, the art. Kai Kartio, the director will share his key learnings and the co-creation outcomes of this launching interactive experiment. Learn more
Speakers : Kai Kartio Amos Rex


CTA CPH will conclude with a ‘Learning Safari’, which includes a series of case studies/workshops and behind the scene visits in some of Copenhagen’s most exciting arts organisations and the dynamic teams. 5 sessions are available. Participants are invited to select the session they wish to attend. They are repeated in the afternoon.

11.00 am

1. Designing the Visitors Experience

What happens when museums partner up with tourist organizations and to create the tourist experience? Learn more
Speakers : Nikolina Olsen-Rule Designmuseum Denmark, Louise Ørnfelt Wonderful Copenhagen
Case Study

2. From global sustainable design to local arctic communities

Join the Natural History Museum of Denmark for 2 case studies about communication and cooperation at the museum and explore the "Fashioned from Nature" exhibition, a cooperation with the V&A Museum. Learn more
Speakers : Rikke Mørch Natural History Museum of Denmark, Anders Drud Jordan Natural History Museum of Denmark, Anne Katrine Gjerløff Natural History Museum of Denmark
Case Study

3. Here I am … again! How to position an institution at a new location after three years of closure

On-site presentation and discussion of how to communicate the new Museum of Copenhagen, opening in February 2020. Learn more
Speakers : Jesper T. Møller Museum of Copenhagen

4. How can the communication department and the artistic teams join forces for better (sales) results?

The presentation from The Royal Danish Theater will give you insides from one of the leading communication departments within the art and performance industry. Learn more
Speakers : Magnus Restofte The Royal Danish Theater
Case Study

5. Creative alliances between Communication and Participation

Get an insight into how Nørrebro Teater is working strategically with audience development and outreach programmes. Learn more
Speakers : Stine Bille Olander Norrebro Teater, Charlotte Kjær Norrebro Teater
Case Study


12.30 pm

LEARNING SAFARI - second lap

5 Sessions are available (see above). Participants are invited to select the session they wish to attend.

02.00 pm
06.00 pm

Farewell Reception

Enjoy the evening reception at the Copenhagen City Hall and be part of the interactive and immersive performance piece "Sensuous Governing". Learn more