2.1 There is a seat for everyone

Tuesday 18 June
@ Lousiana Museum
12:45 PM
Case Study

At Teatro Nacional D. Maria II “There is a seat for everyone”. We developed two flagship projects concerning audiences’ education, inclusion and creation with an innovative take on communities’ involvement.

In a digital era, personal communication makes the difference in what engagement is concerned. This is a lesson to learn from ‘Boca Aberta’ and ‘K Cena’, two projects that focus on children and young audiences, sowing the seed of theatre at an early age (3 years) and nurturing it during adolescence.

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II is a National theatre inaugurated in 1846. Its mission is to establish a public service in theatre, by producing and presenting plays with a standard of excellence, focusing on classical work or new voices and performance forms. Ensuring universal access to theatre is at the core of our activity.