3. Here I am … again! How to position an institution at a new location after three years of closure

Wednesday 19 June
11:00 AM

For half a century the Museum of Copenhagen was positioned at Vesterbro (‘West Bridge’) in a former working class area, today a hipster-ghetto just outside Copenhagen’s city centre. The museum was primarily considered a local museum; tourists were a rare sight and only limited effort was made to attract them.

In February 2020, the museum will reopen in a new location just behind the Copenhagen city Town Hall. The new’ site is an old building from 1894, which has been thoroughly renovated to its former glory inside. The best artifacts from 1000 years of the city’s history will be on display: beautiful bone combs from the Viking age, a skeleton of a Medieval warrior, a Renaissance shipwreck, canon balls from the British bombardment of the city in 1807, and modern times will be represented with a huge interactive city model, themes about alternative ways of life (e.g. the free town of Christiania) and (texted) interviews with ordinary Copenhageners of today.

Hear our considerations about how to reposition the museum, but also which marketing and PR measures we have used to keep it top-of-mind during the closing and not least: How we have allied ourselves with other institutions, for instance the Copenhagen Cultural District and the marketing organisation ‘Museums in Copenhagen’.

Join the workshop groups where you will, with the Museum of Copenhagen, discuss topics such as which main stories to focus on to prevent duplicating what other museums tell, how to tackle being ‘everything for everybody’ (all Copenhageners and tourists), and how collaborations can create a larger impact for medium-sized attractions.