Partnering While Pioneering: How to Forge Strong Relationships on the Frontiers of Exhibit Design

Tuesday 18 June
@ Louisiana Museum
05:15 PM

How do you best engage and grow audiences while also future-proofing your institution? What is the secret to smart investments and approaches that will create success for the future? Jake Barton, founder and principal of the acclaimed exhibit and media design firm Local Projects, will explain how his teams elegantly navigate the balance between novelty and evergreen designs, creating innovative approaches to visitor experience.

In this keynote, Barton will reveal the key is to form a great partnership between designer and client, through the lens of three very different projects: The Legacy Museum for the Equal Justice Initiative in Alabama, The London Mithraeum for Bloomberg, and the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the first buildings in Australia. All three mix heritage and technology to create incredible narrative impact and a must-see experience. He will also preview some of the exciting new exhibition techniques behind these and other projects including augmented and virtual reality, kinetic sculpture, projection mapping and locative audio, and share his biggest secret: how to design with emerging technologies so that they age well over time, and create sustained engagement for years to come.