Audiences of the Future

Tuesday 18 June
@ Lousiana Museum
02:25 PM

What do Museums need to do to meet the changing expectations of audiences, take advantage of immersive technology to generate new forms of engagement and remain financially resilient?
Alex Burch, Head of Education, Learning and Outreach, National History Museum, London and Dani Parr, Director of Participation, Almeida Theatre, London will talk about “Audiences of the Future”, a research and development project supported by UKRI that explores these questions through an innovative partnership between the creative industries, research organizations and museums in order to create a new generation of experiences for the next generation of visitors.

Kristijana Ferderbar Bućan will talk about Kinetics of Sound, which is part of the European Theatre Lab, an innovative partnership project with the Det Norske Teatret, Oslo, which took theatre visitor to another level of experience. Both productions work with the same composer and will experiment with new audio technology, such as 3D sound, auralisation and psycho-acoustic effects. The project partners have looked into the field live electronic music with the Music Academies in Oslo and Zagreb and have worked together with the Acoustic Research Center (ARC) of Sintef in Trondheim (NO). With more than 30 students involved, the Department of Sound and Music of the University of Trondheim is an important partner in research and the development of new audio and visual techniques, tools and equipment serving the artistic purposes in the communication between stage and audience.