1. Designing the Visitors Experience

Wednesday 19 June
@ Designmuseum Denmark
11:00 AM
Case Study

Copenhagen has been shortlisted as the number one destination for 2019 by Lonely Planet. Design and architecture are top of mind, and reason to go, when tourists are planning their trip to Copenhagen. The number of international tourists in Copenhagen is rising and Designmuseum Danmark has felt this in a very concrete way, with a visitor increase of almost 500 % within a 6-year period (80 % of the total visitor amount are international tourist).

A close collaboration between Designmuseum Danmark and Wonderful Copenhagen has led to a number of projects, that has now been tested. This Case Study will present some of the projects, under the initiative ‘Tourism +Culture Lab’ – showing examples of how cultural institutions, Tourist Organization and industry has co-created and co-curated visitor experiences, all designed to heighten the cultural experience for international guests.