Farewell Reception

Wednesday 19 June
@ Copenhagen City Hall
06:00 PM

Enjoy the evening reception at the Copenhagen City Hall and be part of the interactive and immersive performance piece “Sensuous Governing” by the nordic performance group Sisters Hope.

Sensuous Governing is a new immersive performance by Sisters Hope (DK), exploring the future city of a Sensuous Society through an intimate and otherworldly journey into The City Hall and your Poetic Self.


Sisters Hope is a Nordic-based performance group and movement with an associated international troop of performers and creatives from various backgrounds.  Sisters Hope operate at the intersection of performance art, activism, research and education and use immersion, intervention and intimate interactivity in their expansive performance art work both within and outside the art institution.

Their work is rooted in the vision and manifest Sensuous society – A potential new world arising from the post-economical and ecological crisis where the sensuous and poetic mode of being is at the center of all action and interaction. It defines the primary mode of being and is the values on which all societal institutions are building – including the school. They are currently working to manifest more sensuous and poetic learning environments amongst other through the large-scale international project Sisters Academy.