Breaking Down the Barriers

Monday 17 June
@ Statens Museum for Kunst
11:45 AM

How large are your thoughts? On collaboration and collective museum-making

How can a museum from its earliest days embrace collaboration to develop a better and different museum concept than anyone could have thought of alone? The Museum for United Nations — UN Live (abb. UN Live) is a new museum whose concept is emerging through the work of interdisciplinary teams seeking new ways  to advance the work of the UN. To succeed, UN Live will need an unconventional staff, governance model, and working style to reflect and embrace the diversity of perspectives that characterize both global and local perspectives on the work and values of the UN.
Nikolaj Moeller presents lessons learned about collaboration and embracing diversity of perspectives during UN Live’s development. It also suggests where UN Live can and should do more collaboration as it develops and starts to engage the public in the coming years.


Managing internal communications at the largest public arts institution in San Francisco can be dauntingly complex. Linda Butler, director of marketing, communications and visitor experience at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (the de Young and Legion of Honor) will share behind-the-scenes insights on the specific internal communications challenges and successes that arose during the organization of Contemporary Muslim Fashions, the first major exhibition to explore the complex, diverse nature of Muslim dress codes worldwide.
She will detail how teams across the organization adapted new processes for communications and collaboration to realize innovative projects like a fashion photo shoot, local and international groups of Muslim community advisors, a unique Muslim teen podcast, and inclusivity trainings. These projects required thoughtful internal communications, which built trust, acknowledged expertise, and inspired staff across departments – all of which lasted beyond the run of the exhibition.