4. Creating the World Museum of Vienna – Its about People

Tuesday 18 June
@ Lousiana Museum
03:30 PM
Case Study

The World Museum Vienna is both an attraction for visiting tourists but also serves as a center for Austria’s diverse communities to come together and celebrate their different cultural heritages and contributions for generations to come.

In fourteen thematically independent exhibition halls, the visitor to the newly reopened World Museum Vienna encounters not only objects but the personal stories of historic collectors and researchers as well as the perspectives of source communities in their own voices.

RAA approached the project as a collaboration with dozens of curators, co-curators, artists and producers to leverage these histories to explore the complex topics such as colonialism, the provenance, sponsorship of research and the flows and interactions of people, objects and ideas. This approach responds to an increasingly globalized and diversified Europe, where the issues of inter-cultural identity are front page news.