3.2 Louisiana Channel: Supplying culture to the world

Tuesday 18 June
@ Lousiana Museum
03:30 PM
Case Study

Louisiana Channel is a non-profit website based at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Louisiana Channel provides culture to the Internet, extending beyond the museum’s own events.
Each day 12,000 people view the Louisiana Channel’s videos, and that number keeps rising. The Louisiana Channel supplies culture to the world through weekly curated videos about different types of art and culture,two new videos every week for 6 years with currently more than 650 videos available.

Through an extensive network of partner sites, social media and the use of content strategies Louisiana Channels videos are distributed globally, reaching a young audience with relatively narrow content about art, architecture, design, literature and music.

Peder will talk about the impact the channel has on their audience and on the institution. He will reflect upon the challenges and obstacles that they encountered in working independently of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, meaning the videos on the site do not relate to the museum’s exhibitions.