1.2 United Australia – lest we forget the First World War

Tuesday 18 June
@ Lousiana Museum
12:45 PM
Case Study

The Australian War Memorial uniquely combines a museum, archive and shrine. The Memorial’s communicators work to internationally broadcast its purpose: to assist people to understand the Australian experience of war and its societal impacts.

This presentation will demonstrate the many ways in which the Memorial’s expert staff come together to honour those who gave their lives in service and defence of freedom and liberty.

Greg will demonstrate the innovative strategies the Memorial’s communicators use to draw this content together to broadcast its brand message. These include planned and reactive media opportunities and channels; multimedia production; traditional marketing; and digital innovations including virtual reality and 360 degree technology.

The Memorial boasts internationally recognised historians, curators, craftspeople, events managers who are united by engaging and renowned figurehead in Director Dr Brendan Nelson, a former Federal Minister for Defence and international ambassador.